Summerland Ave Home Renovation

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YEAR 2019

Summerland Ave Home Renovation

Renovated just a few years after being built, this home on Summerland Ave in Winter Park had several layout deficiencies and design features that needed to be addressed when the project came to our team.

The initial renovations included the removal and relocation of a bathroom that blocked the view of the backyard, the enlargement of several rooms to make them functional with furniture, and the addition of a new game room with a bar and outdoor cabana.

The project scope expanded to include the re-tiling of the pool, installing new pavers, designing and building a drop zone for the children, installing new wood floors and light fixtures, and repainting the interior of the home.

Furniture selection and the purchase was also completed to round out the project and final design.


Martin Stewart


Jimmy Smith


London, UK




Residential Project