CAD Drafting Services

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CAD Drafting Services

2D Drafting Services

CADD, or computer-aided design and drafting, is a simulation of how a proposed design would perform in the real world. These 2D drafting services enable us to draft construction documentation, explore novel design ideas, and realize the same through virtual tours and photorealistic renderings. CAD drafting services are used to digitize, modify, optimize, and analyze building designs. Our 2D CAD drafting services cater to all of your design needs.


Spark BIM provides scanned PDF to CAD conversion services to architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and other industry professionals. We have expertise in the conversion of paper/tiff files to CAD.

We manually redraw and reproduce the final output, from your raw paper drawings, into various CAD formats like dwg, dxf, dgn, and more. Our pro CAD conversion services customize the scanning process to suit specific requirements and integrate paper drawings into AutoCAD. We go through heads-up digitizing, for the best raster to vector conversion, for any specific drawing or a set of drawings. We also offer quick conversion of hand sketches to CAD format by physically redrafting drawings.

Bulk Drawing Conversion

Based in India, Spark BIM helps manufacturing offices or large companies digitize their bulk drawings in paper/hard copy format or pdf/tiff format.

We can deliver CAD drafting from multiple formats such as MCD, TIFF, or scanned images to CAD readable formats such as DGN, DXF, and DWG in large quantities. Our expert team of architects & engineers is well-equipped in handling projects of any size and volume. Opt for CAD solutions from The Spark Architects and get work done precisely, and faster.